Bangkok, Thailand: When visiting a new place, there’s always one market that everyone lauds ‘Go there, it’s awesome’ but rarely is it really that awesome.  That is not the case with the Jatujak Market. This place is as cool as the Brooklyn Flea, but about 1000x bigger. We thought we’d spend a few hours visiting yesterday, but we loved it so much we came back today for even more. The JJ Market weighs in as the largest market in all of Thailand, covering 35 acres, with 15,000 stalls and 200,000 visitors each weekend day. On one hand, it felt strangely familiar as we meandered through the stalls lined with trucker caps, dodged retro tuk-tuks outfitted with artisan ice creams and rubbed shoulders with BKK hipsters sipping iced coffee. What was completely new, however, were squirrels on leashes, adolescent trannies, carts of fried insects, the mango lady who hocked her goods with both a question and a statement (Mango? Mango!) and our favorite – dried squid on hangers. Yum!!