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We met at work, became friends and then fell in love. A coworker decided to venture out a year-long sabbatical and upon hearing his news, we said without hesitation ‘We will do that.’ Very quickly, we started putting dozens of big things and thousands of little things in order over many months to make this happen.  With the support of our families, friends and really understanding co-workers, we left our beloved Brooklyn at the end of 2013 to begin our new life abroad.


This blog is named ‘Brooklyn to Berlin’ to capture the first part of our year abroad. Upon leaving our home, we took a few weeks to visit with family and get back to our German roots. From there, the plan is 5 weeks in New Zealand, 2 months in Bali, 5 weeks in Thailand, 5 weeks in Africa and then 3 months in Berlin. We’ll settle in Berlin for a few months for Thomas to focus on his art and for Melissa to become fluent (confident) with her German. And then after that…