Etosha National Park: The next day, we were awake, tent up and in our truck looking for more wildlife before the sun was up. We saw tons more zebras, springbok, gemsbok, ostriches and kudu but the really exotic guys alluded us. We drove even further into the park, set up camp and decided to call it a day.

We’d heard the watering hole at this campsite was even better than the one the night before, so we headed there at sundown. Five elephants were gathered around, and again, we were awestruck by what was right in front of us. These gentle giants were quiet, calm and unfazed by the humans staring at them.

On our third day in the park, we headed back to the watering hole at sundown. The rhinos came out to play and this time, their entrance was a bit more dramatic. A male and a female engaged in a very flirtatious courting ritual and after the female shunned this poor guy, another male came out from hiding to spar with the first male. The female came back into the picture and all three played & bathed together in the water. And at one point, in a very sweet moment, two of the rhinos appeared to kiss. It was really unexpected to see, and showed the gentler side of these imposing giants.