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Glück mit guten Freunden

Posted on December 29, 2013

Wuppertal, Germany:  Andrea & Mattias hosted Frank, Eddie, Thomas & me at their beautiful home here in Wuppertal on 29 December. It was a wonderful coming together of old friends on a very special night. Andrea, Frank & Thomas had gone to art school and traveled together throughout Italy working on photography projects over the years. To have Frank & Eddie in from Cologne, and Melissa & Thomas visiting from the US, here in Wuppertal with Andrea & Mattias made for a very warm reunion. The meal Andrea & Mattias put together was perfect for a post-Weihnachten detox: Butternut-Kürbis mit Zwiebeln Suppe, Karotten mit Sesamkörner, Brokkoli mit Kapern, sehr lekker Linsen, Pilze, Kohlrabi mit Rüben und mehr und mehr (bitte entschuldigen Sie alle grammatikalische Fehler…