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Ferry crossing to the North Island

Posted on January 31, 2014

Picton, South Island, New Zealand:  After 16 nights on the wild & rugged South Island, we took the Cook Straight ferry over to the North Island. The 3-hour ride was beautiful, passing hundreds of small islands, inlets and bays, and even some dancing dolphins along the way.

Driftwood sculptures in Hokitika

Posted on January 24, 2014

Hokitika, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand: This cool little hippie beach town was such a pleasant place to explore after a cold & rainy night at Lake Kaniere. We discovered a little rainforest garden café on the beach where we took in the sun over lunch. Afterward we walked the beach and discovered Penguinville, an interactive program where local residents build sculptures & little communities out of driftwood. What a beautiful way to create art from tree graveyards on the beach.

The rainforest & the glacier

Posted on January 23, 2014

Franz Josef Glacier, South Island, New Zealand:  One of the thousands of things surprising about New Zealand is the diversity of climates bumped up against each other.  Franz Josef Glacier was one of those places: a tropical rainforest coexisting with a polar glacier.  We stayed in a campground brimming with palm trees and traditional kiwi ferns overhead, and then hiked over to the glacier with bright blue icicles piercing the surface.  The rain poured down on us (again), but that was ok since we got to see even more waterfalls.