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Route 50, USA:  The American West is strikingly beautiful. Discovering new landscapes was one of the surprises of our trip. A few people had recommended we chose Route 50 for crossing Nevada and Utah into Colorado, and we were glad we did.  It’s called ‘The Loneliest Road in America’ and while true – it’s a two-lane road and there are very few cars traversing the West this way – it wasn’t necessarily lonely.  It was stark and quiet, but full of intrigue.
Most days, we’d be driving with the low-hanging winter sun beside us, make a wide turn and happen upon the most spectacular landscape. We felt like we’d discovered something new.  This is the joy of traveling without a map or concrete plan.  If we’d had our noses down, buried in an atlas, we might have known wide expanses of salt flats would be near.  Or, we might have been prepared for the enormity of Castle Valley in Utah. Instead, we decided to go without a plan, and we were so happy we did.  Out on Route 50 with barely a cell signal, we really didn’t know where exactly we were.  And with each turn in the road, we were able to experience the excitement of discovery.