IMG_3375Lake Tahoe, California, USA:  We left Brooklyn on November 1, heading west to California. Thomas & I have both lived in San Francisco, and decided it would be a new adventure to drive quasi-cross-country to explore parts we’d yet to see out West. After spending some time in SF and Oakland, we drove east to the gorgeous Lake Tahoe. Our morning hike was beautiful, and we were surrounded by the fresh smells of pine and crisp clean air being swept off the water.

And here is where Thomas started documenting the beauty of barren trees.  While the spring and autumn are gorgeous with the lushness of leaves and rich colors, there is something hauntingly eerie and romantic about the starkness & severity of a barren tree set against the blue winter sky.  Thomas has an eye for finding the most beautiful & unique of them.

IMG_1632 IMG_3367