9Wuppertal, Germany:  Andrea & Mattias hosted Frank, Eddie, Thomas & me at their beautiful home here in Wuppertal on 29 December. It was a wonderful coming together of old friends on a very special night. Andrea, Frank & Thomas had gone to art school and traveled together throughout Italy working on photography projects over the years. To have Frank & Eddie in from Cologne, and Melissa & Thomas visiting from the US, here in Wuppertal with Andrea & Mattias made for a very warm reunion.

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 4The meal Andrea & Mattias put together was perfect for a post-Weihnachten detox: Butternut-Kürbis mit Zwiebeln Suppe, Karotten mit Sesamkörner, Brokkoli mit Kapern, sehr lekker Linsen, Pilze, Kohlrabi mit Rüben und mehr und mehr (bitte entschuldigen Sie alle grammatikalische Fehler und Germanglish. Melissa ist noch Deutsche lernen).  Alles sind sehr lekker. Unsere Bäuche waren voll.

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 10Their home is filled with both Mattias’s and Andrea’s art.  Mattias created the piece above by scanning plants & flowers from their garden on a scanner. And Andrea’s captivating plant photography is below. It’s not tough to imagine a warm summer night at Andrea & Mattias’s home, coming in from their spectacular garden, pieces of which make their way onto the walls and onto the dinner table. We were surrounded by the beauty of nature and all the elements Andrea & Mattias have taken from the valley and incorporated in to their beautiful home.