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Friends in Berlin

Posted on August 9, 2014

We’ve been lucky to have quite a few friends & family members come visit, which is wonderful because we love sharing our new (temporary) home with others. Frank & Louis came to Berlin from Cologne and we met up with them at a lovely Friday night picnic. It was another beautiful Berlin weekend, so we met up at the Tiergarten and strolled through a flohmarkt, the park and discovered one of the cutest biergartens in all of Berlin.

We’ve seen Raimond a handful of times, and were able to spend the weekend with him & Stefan brunching, shopping & sightseeing. My friend Taleah came from New York, and we used her visit as a good reason to be a tourist in our own town too, going to museums, parks and restaurants we hadn’t discovered yet.

Thomas’s sister Susanne came from Essen so we biked all over town, showing her our favorite flohmärkte and parks. And of course, we have Alexandra, Ben & Christian who we see nearly every week. We’ve loved spending Saturday nights at their See House, grilling and enjoying the beautiful Berlin summer weather.

Our first day in Bangkok

Posted on April 26, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand: As our time in Asia comes to a close, we decided to spend our last week in Bangkok. Our exhausting first day touched on the contrasts this city is known for: vibrant street life, religion & reform. We met up with Melissa’s NY-based friend Taleah who happens to be in Thailand at the same time. We hopped a water taxi down the Saen Saeb Canal with the locals, getting off where we saw some street tailors & interesting food stalls. Instead of immediately finding Wat Ratchanatdaram and Wat Pho as we’d hoped, we stumbled upon a demonstration site with an Olympic-sized television broadcasting political rhetoric and hundreds of protesters’ camp sites. We made our way through and were on to visit the reclining Buddha, a 130-foot gold marvel who appears blissfully unfazed by Bangkok’s sweltering heat. Afterward, we engaged in a lively cross-language argument with a long tail operator who couldn’t believe that No, we didn’t want an hour-long tour and instead hopped back on a water taxi to wind our way back to where we started. We’re exhausted, but captivated with being back in a city after so long. More to come as we experience the multitude of layers this city is known for.