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Hiking Santa Maria to Orient

Posted on March 3, 2015

The forecast for día de las Baleares called for perfect spring weather, so we ventured out with our new friend Sylvia & (borrowed) pup Django for a long hike from Santa Maria to Orient. What was meant to be an easy 14 km trail turned out to be a day-long adventure, getting lost along the way but discovering some of Mallorca’s most beautiful landscapes.

Sylvia scoped out this route, and suggested the little treasures along the way – valley of the Coanegra gulley, a hidden cave and tucked away waterfalls – would make it a great way to see new parts of the island. After ascending most of the morning, we found the entrance to the Son Pou avenc cave, which opened up to a moon-like landscape inside. This fascinating spot, discovered in 1824, was covered in dripping water, stalactites and glimmers of sunlight peeking through the chasm above.

We then hiked up to the spectacular Es Freu waterfall, which marked the 6-hour mark of our hike. Thankfully, we made friends with some fellow exhausted hikers who took a liking to us and fed us casera tarta de melocotón (homemade peach cake). A sweet ending to a beautiful mountain trek.

Beautiful Bavaria – a day at the Tegernsee

Posted on September 23, 2014

A week in Bavaria wouldn’t be complete without a road trip out to the Tegernsee. This cozy, idyllic, beautiful lake is situated only an hour outside Munich, and together with Frank, we made a day of sightseeing the countryside. Walking along the water, gorging ourselves with wholesome German food and then hiking it off in the mountains surrounding the lake made for one of our favorite days in Southern Germany.

Heading west

Posted on November 5, 2013

Lake Tahoe, California, USA:  We left Brooklyn on November 1, heading west to California. Thomas & I have both lived in San Francisco, and decided it would be a new adventure to drive quasi-cross-country to explore parts we’d yet to see out West. After spending some time in SF and Oakland, we drove east to the gorgeous Lake Tahoe. Our morning hike was beautiful, and we were surrounded by the fresh smells of pine and crisp clean air being swept off the water. And here is where Thomas started documenting the beauty of barren trees.  While the spring and autumn are gorgeous with the lushness of leaves and rich colors, there is something hauntingly eerie and romantic about the starkness & severity of a…